2017 Appearances!


Celebrate New Durham Fair 

Saturday July 29 from 12-6PM

The Celebrate New Durham Fair will take place on Saturday July 29 from 12-6PM as part of our community activities at the ballfields. Other activities that will be going on at that location include concessions, dunk tank, Traveling Barnyard, caricature artist, face painting, kids activities, games, Cow Patty BINGO, Senior Quarter BINGO and much more!


Hi, I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Gil Holderness and I have been writing songs for the past thirty years. Over this time I have been in and out of bands, playing on my own and have always had a need to speak my mind within the choice of my words. My music if needed would straddle the lines between Country, Folk and Rock. Some of my favorite song writers are Bob Dylan, Jim Croce, James Taylor, John Hiatt, Neil young and of course John Fogerty.

I recently went into the studio and recorded some new material live. What you find here is an attempt to showcase my writing talent. This old world is an album of ten songs in their rawest form. Selected upon the thread of theme each one was crafted with the idea of making a statement to the listener; be it about this old world or the priceless gift of love. Going forward I plan to release more material as it is recorded. I hope that you enjoy what you hear and maybe someone might wish to recorded one or two of these and give them the treatment they surly deserve.

Words have always been my thing. I’ve written poetry, tons of songs and even two novels which I hope to publish one day. I’m in the process of editing my first book at this moment and should have it ready for you all by the end of next year.

For the love of Ray- a real fantasy is the story of an adventurous road trip taken by a King and his four closest friends. Set long ago they must travel to save the Queen from a deadly illness cast upon her by the evil lord of the mutual. A coming of age tale it is humorous and incisive in the depth of their given bond. Beloved characters abound in this retelling of a true story that will capture your imagination and hopefully leave you wanting more.

Thanks for listening. Check back from time to time and I’m sure you’ll find something new.

                                                              Gil (Spike) Holderness


Do It All Again - Written and Preformed By Gil Holderness